Park Rules & Fees

Syracuse Sand Dunes Rules

Information and regulations:

  • Extreme hazards exist in dune area!
  • Under 18 years old helmet required
  • No glass or alcoholic beverages allowed on Sand Dunes
  • No littering
  • Beware of shifting dunes.
  • Approach drop-offs with caution
  • Drive defensively
  • Vehicle owners are responsible for anyone operating their vehicle.
  • All vehicles must be equipped with the required safety equipment
  • Observe park boundaries. Do not cross any park boundary fence. Violations will result in confiscation of your ORV., prosecution, and eviction from the park.
  • No jumping on dunes without spotters present
  • Visitors ride at their own risk

Required off-road vehicle equipment all off-road vehicles entering the riding area:

  • Whip: must be ten (10) feet in height from the ground.
  • Flag: all vehicles must have a 6” x 12” flag attached within 10” of thewhip’s tip.
    It must be bright red or bright orange with no writing.
  • Lighting: both headlights and taillights are required for night driving.
  • Lights must be powered by the vehicle’s electrical system.

Dune buggies, jeeps, trucks, and sport utility vechicles:

  • Roll Bar: Roll structure must be attached to frame and of sufficient strength to protect occupants
  • Seat Belts: one for each occupant in the vehicle
  • Full coverage helmets are strongly suggested. Riding is at your own risk.
  • You are required to stay in park boundaries

Park Fees:

  • Off Highway Vehicle Permit required for all unregistered vehicles – $10 annually.  Permits available in person at the City Hall located at 109 N Main Street or the Sand Park Office. Download Application Form here.
  • Daily Park Pass = $5.00 per Driver
  • Annual Pass = $100 Individual – Download Application Form HERE
  • Family Annual Pass = 1st member $100 – each additional $25.00
    (Immediate family members only – 23 years of age or younger)

Camping Fees:

  • Dry Camping $5.00 per day
  • Hookup Camping – water/electricity – $15.00 per day
    (sites are first come first serve)

Sam’s Pond:

Fishing licenses can be purchased at our local Eagle Station at 204 West Highway 50 or you can go online below to purchase one.

Fishing Application and Fees

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