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Do you dream of owning your own business? The decision to start your own business is a big step. Although there is no way to eliminate all the risks associated with starting a small business; good planning and preparation will help minimize the risks involved and significantly increase your chances for success. There are services and incentives available for those interested in starting or expanding a business in Hamilton County. For more information on local services and incentives please email or call 620-384-7317. Our offices are located in the Hamilton County Courthouse located at 219 N. Main Street, Syracuse, KS 67878-1167

Please note: The business information provided herein is for discussion and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal or financial advice. Please consult the appropriate professionals for further clarification and for assistance in making your business decisions.

General Business Development Resources:

The State of Kansas provides some excellent online resources outlining the steps most businesses generally need to follow for starting or expanding a business in Kansas. These resources can be accessed at

The U.S. Small Business Administration ( is a great resource of information and training for businesses regardless of their life stage. The Small Business Resource Guide includes ideas, references and suggestions covering issues related to starting a business and provides a listing of financing options available through SBA. A PDF version of the resource guide may be accessed online here. To access a Spanish version of the resource click here. Information regarding your legal requirements as a business owner may be accessed by clicking here.

The Kansas Small Business Development Center is a federal partnership program with the SBA, hosted regionally by Garden City Community College. The Center provides free and confidential professional management assistance, training, business information and resource referrals to both existing and potential business owners.

Kansas Department of Commerce is the state’s lead economic development agency. The Kansas Department of Commerce strives to empower individuals, businesses and communities to achieve prosperity in Kansas. The Department comprises a variety of programs and services that create jobs, attract new investment and provide workforce training.

Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center (MAMTC) is a non-profit organization created to improve manufacturing competitiveness for small to medium size manufacturers. Assistance available includes one-on-one consultation, training, workshops, industry networks, technology searches and other resources to help improve quality, reduce costs and increase productivity.

NetWork Kansas develops an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kansas that connects aspiring, emerging, and established businesses to a wide network of business-building resource organizations across the state. NetWork Kansas provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with free, easy access to the resources they need to succeed. NetWork Kansas also works with communities through its Entrepreneurship (E-) Community Partnership to create local, sustainable funding programs as well as creating a virtual network of expertise and educational resources for entrepreneurs at the local level.

Business Plan Development Resources:

A solid business plan is an essential tool for every business regardless of its life stage. There are a number of web based resources you might find helpful in completing or updating you business plan.

SBA Business Plan Writing Resources
Kansas Small Business Development Center
Sample Business Plan
Sample Cash Flow Projection

Financing Options & Local Incentives:

When you are ready to finance your project, Hamilton County is served by two financial institutions; First National Bank and Valley State Bank. Every project has its own nuances and it is not uncommon to finance new business start-ups through a combination of funding sources including Hamilton County’s Microloan Fund. The Hamilton County Microloan Loan Fund is a locally controlled revolving loan fund administered by Great Plains Development, Inc. (GPDI). Loans may be made up to $25,000. A $.50 to $1.00 match is required for that portion of the entire loan amount above $15,000. 51% of the jobs created or retained as a result of the loan must be held by persons of low- to moderate-income. Requires an environmental review to be completed prior to project approval.

GPDI is a not-for-profit corporation serving the 28 counties in Southwest Kansas. Resources available through GDPI include the local microloan program, other loan programs under GPDI’s decision-making supervision as well as loan programs available to GPDI through its regional partnerships. GPDI also serves as an SBA loan packager and has a good working relationship with local banks. Hamilton County Economic Development staff are available to provide information regarding the local microloan fund and facilitate meetings with GPDI. In the event you prefer to contact GPDI directly their contact information has been provided below.

Great Plains Development inc.
100 Military Plaza, Suite 128
P.O. Box 1116
Dodge City, KS 67801
Phone: 620-227-6406
Fax: 620-225-6051

Additional information about government backed loans, venture capital and loans is available here.

Hamilton County/City of Syracuse Economic Development Incentive Policies
Hamilton County Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Registering Your Business:

One of the first decisions a new business owner faces is choosing a right legal structure for the business. Businesses range in size and complexity from self-employed contractors to large corporations and can be organized in a variety of ways. The principal business organizations are Sole Proprietorships, General Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. Each structure has certain advantages and disadvantages and it may be helpful to engage your accountant and legal counsel in determining which structure makes the most sense for your business. A summary of registration and business renewal requirements as well as registration forms are available here.

Choosing a Business Name:

Your business name can become a valuable asset and great care should taken in selecting and protecting your business name. It is best to not start using a business name until you are certain that it is available for use. It may be helpful to check telephone and business or trade directories for business names that may be confusing due to their similarity to the name you have selected. A business name can be searched for availability and reserved for 120 days here.

License Your Business:

Depending on the type of business you plan to start, a Kansas business license or permit may be required. Created by the Kansas Department of Commerce, Network Kansas offers a listing of the business licenses and permits commonly required in Kansas. Access the Network Kansas list of licenses and permits by clicking here.

The City of Syracuse does not generally require businesses to obtain a local business license or permit; however, there are a few exceptions. If you are operating a business that does not have a permanent location such as a food cart or other mobile unit, a vendor permit is required (county residents $10/year; non-county residents $50/day or $500/year). Businesses involving the sale of liquor or beer are required to have a business license from the city and pay an occupation tax. Plumbers are also required to obtain a business license before doing work in Syracuse. Questions regarding local business licenses should be directed to the City of Syracuse.

City of Syracuse
109 N. Main Street
Syracuse, KS 67878-0148


State, Federal & Local Tax Laws:

For profit businesses are subject to federal income tax. Information regarding federal taxes and tax incentive programs may be accessed online on the Business website managed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) here or by contacting the IRS at 1-800-829-4933.

Businesses with employees, business partnerships, corporations and other types of organizations must obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. The EIN is also know as a Federal Tax Identification Number. Click here for more information or to apply for an EIN.

If you operate a business which requires the payment of Kansas tax, the business should be registered with the Kansas Department of Revenue prior to its start date. Allow ample time to complete the registration process. To access the Kansas Businesses Tax Application and Instructions click here.

Employer Responsibilities:

Information on federal and state regulations regarding employer responsibilities is available on the following websites:

IRS Business with Employees
The U.S. Department of Labor
Kansas Department of Labor

Technical Assistance & Consulting:

Hamilton County Economic Development is available to provide one-on-one customized assistance to you and your business. Our goal is to help you build a better game plan so that you and your business can be more successful. Based on your needs we can help you network to the right resource. Our confidential services are available throughout the life of your business and we are here to help you utilize the Hamilton County Microloan Fund and other local incentives.

Hamilton County Economic Development
219 N. Main Street
Syracuse, KS 67878-1167


Helpful Links:

Business Development Links
Kansas Business Center
Kansas Small Business Development Center
Network Kansas

State Agencies
State of Kansas Homepage
Kansas Department of Commerce
Kansas Department of Agriculture
Kansas Department of Health & Environment
Kansas Department of Revenue
Kansas Department of Transportation
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
Kansas Insurance Commissioner
Kansas Secretary of State

Federal Agencies
USDA Homepage
USDA Rural Development

Kansas State University
K-State Food Science Department
K-State Meat Science Department
K-State Research and Extension
Kansas Center for Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Other Links of Interest
Kansas Statistical Abstract
Agriculture Marketing Resource Center
From the Land of Kansas
Kansas Christmas Tree Growers Association
Kansas Farmers’ Markets
Kansas Fruit Growers Association
Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Association
Kansas Horse Council
Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association
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North American Farm Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA)
Safe Agritourism

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